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Organization Intro

In response to the need for global experience by Korean teenagers, YES Center was founded in 2007 as the sister organization of International Workcamp Organization (IWO), whose programs are mostly for college students and adults. Both organizations were formed under one larger initiative, the Better World, which in turn hopes that by preserving and respecting nature while also respecting and developing culture we can develop and create a positive future.

With the aim of providing intercultural experience to foster personal development, build communication and leadership skills, and ultimately supporting youth to grow as global leaders, YES Center is acting as the bridge for experiencing inter-cultures.

YES Center is actively involved with local schools and organizations in developing educational and voluntary opportunities for youth. Various community service projects and international events are in collaboration with governmental organizations such as Ministry for Health, Welfare and Family Matters. On a global level, YES Center has more than 40 partner organizations in 23 different countries.

YES Center is also the Korean national office of a worldwide NGO network - The Experiment in International Living (EIL) - which was founded in the USA in 1932.



YES Center believes in the promotion of intercultural exchange and cooperation for mutual understanding, acceptance, and peace to enhance competence of youth in the global community. YES Center believes that friendship, peace and solidarity can be achieved by intercultural living, educational exchange and cooperation among people and organizations.

YES Center believes by learning to respect and understand cultural differences through diverse international youth exchange programs, youth can grow with new perspectives and broaden their worldview and identity, and ultimately change our society and the world as global leaders in a constructive and sustainable way.


Greetings from CEO

Many youth hold fast to the notion that a high grades in language tests automatically make you a global citizen. This leads to question 'what is language? And how is it related to being global?' Language is a system of communication and someone's language ability cannot be boxed into the limited concept of a test score. Language is so intimately intertwined with other factors that you cannot talk about language excluding additional components. However, many people miss these critical ingredients.

As an organization that possesses a global network with international partners, the focus and central goal of YES Center is to provide those extra tools many miss — a hammer is not a hammer unless there is a platform and a nail for the hammer to serve its purpose. Likewise, language cannot be utilized as a tool toward raising global citizens without considering the other components such as culture, community, diversity, and more.

Therefore, YES Center strives to create a stir in the minds of all youth to deeply wrestle through challenging topics in order to prepare them for the global stage with confidence and understanding.

Language test only scratches at the surface of what it means to be a global citizen. After all, what is the point to it all if you are going to scratch the surface of anything? Our mission is to challenge the minds of the young people and provide them with the tools they need when they are go LIVE.

Youth that come in contact with YES Center will discover that games and activities that seem only to contain entertainment in fact include more -an educational experience that will impact the lives of youth even after the program has ended.

Once you enter into a collaboration effort with us, you will leave as a changed person.

Ready for the challenge?


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