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Brief Outline
The National Security Language Initiative for Youth (NSLI-Y) is a U.S. State Department funded merit-based scholarship program provided to highly motivated high school students who are interested in learning less commonly taught languages.

"NSLI-Y is part of a broader government-wide presidential initiative that prepares American citizens to be leaders in a global world. Now more than ever, it is important that Americans have the necessary linguistic skills and cultural knowledge to promote international dialogue and support American engagement abroad. NSLI-Y aims to provide opportunities to American youth that will spark a lifetime interest in language learning." -- NSLI-Y Official Website

Program Details
NSLI-Y Korea's summer program is an activity-packed intensive language course, which runs from late June through mid-August. With the main focuses being Korean language and culture comprehension, students will focus a large portion of their time on interactive classroom study at Sogang University, Korea's leading language institute, in addition to working with peers tutors and living with a host family. What programs can you expect to participate in during your two-month stay in Korea? Previous sessions have seen the completion of exciting programs such as taekwondo classes, traditional Korean dance classes, Korean cooking lessons, youth camps, museum and memorial tours, and much more.

Students who participate in the year-length program will be arriving in South Korea shortly after the summer students depart in mid August and will attend various Korean high school around the country for approximately 8 months (during the two month winter break, students will return to Seoul for volunteer programs, language classes, and global education and citizenship workshops). Year participants will also take the TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korea) Exam, a useful test to take if students are planning on continuing studying Korean or perhaps plan on working in Korea in the future.


Name of School

1. Mirim Girls' High School
2. Incheon Bakmun Girls' High School
3. Jeonbuk Jeil High School
4. Wonkwang High School
5. Wonkwang Girl’s High School

6. Hamyeol High School
7. Jeonju Sungsim Girls' High School
8. Jeonju Hanil High School
9. Jeonbuk Foreign High School
10. YangEob High School

* More list of schools to be updated

How To Apply
more information about eligibility or any inquiries concerning the program content, please view the official website below.

Summer camp in Korea

Brief Outline
Every year since 1932, the EIL World Learning Program has chosen American teenagers to be sent to countries all over the world. The teenagers in the Korean program participate under the theme of "Peace and Unity on the Korean Peninsula" and learn about peace efforts concerning the division and hopeful reunification of North and South Korea.

Program Details
Over the course of four weeks, participants will be immersed in the rich culture of South Korea by visiting museums, traditional Korean villages, and the DMZ, or de-militarized zone, which is, to this day, the most heavily fortified barrier on the earth. Students will also have the opportunity to stay with a host family for a portion of the program, experience a temple-stay weekend, and interact with North Korean migrants who have since settled in and fully adapted to the differences of South Korea.
The World Learning program is designed for high school participants (grades 9-12). Students who have graduated from high school but have yet to enter college are also welcome to participate.

How To Apply
Please visit the official World Learning website to apply for participation. For those who are over the age of 18 but still wish to participate, Group Leader positions are also available to those who are eligible. Applications are also available on the website. Please note that EIL student participants may apply year round and are accepted on a rolling basis whereas the Group Leader must apply before the end of March.

Korea Discovery

Brief Outline
YES Center offers tailor-made programs to cater to the needs of universities and organizations and youth groups through a wide variety of options ranging from study visit to corporations, museums to temple stays, community service activities and many more! Contact YES Center for more information.

Program Details
Below is a brief list of activities that previous participants have engaged in:

  • History Experience:
    • sleep in a traditional Korean house
    • visit the DMZ
    • join a guided tour of one or more of Korea's many museums
  • Culture Experience:
    • attend a fusion music concert, performed with traditional Korean instruments
    • temple stay
    • Korean cooking classes
    • Traditional Korean Culture Camp
    • Taekwondo Class
    • Traditional Korean Instrument course
  • Education Experience:
    • Korean Language Course
    • Korean History Course
    • 'Learning Korean History through Movies' Course
    • 'Modern Korean History' Course
  • Intercultural Youth Exchange:
    • fieldtrip with Korean youth
    • meet with North Korean refugees who have settled and are starting new lives in the South
    • meet with Korean youth who are preparing to study abroad
    • 'International Night' parties
    • Study Visit: visit

Here is a general outline for how your program might look, depending on the length of your stay:
Use this schedule:

Reflections from participants after completing their program:

How To Apply
There are no programs for individual participants.
To arrange for a group travel to South Korea, please contact


Korean Homestay Experience

Brief Outline
For many travelers, staying in a guesthouse is not nearly deep enough of an immersion into the culture as they truly desire. For those who wish to enrich their experience even further, a homestay program can be arranged. Living and interacting with a Korean family can be the key to finally understanding some of the more tricky nuances of cultural and linguistic habits.

Program Details
Those interested in gaining a Korean life experience can apply to live with a Korean family from a week to a maximum of 4 weeks. (It is possible to stay longer, but arrangements need to be made prior.) Participants will be placed in homes located in and around Seoul or Kyonggi-do area.

How To Apply
For more information, please contact



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