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Brief Outline
Before all else, the YES Center stresses the importance of education, from pre-departure preparation for those who are planning on studying abroad, to education where the formal, non-formal and informal approaches are used to mold the character of youth to be better prepared as leaders of the next generation.


Culture Academy

YES Center offers education for youth covering various topics. It ranges from month-long program focused on tackling big issues such as discrimination & prejudice, effective and ineffective communication, collaboration, peace, and ultimately learning how to achieve the establishment of a better world — beginning at the local level. In the past, Korean students have also had the opportunity to interact with American students studying in Korea as exchange students, who equally benefit from the programs as they are provided with an opportunity to express their understanding of how globalization is working around them at that very moment — after all, they're already in a foreign country!


Global Academy

Global Academy Program primarily focuses on preparing Korean high school students for their study abroad experiences in Germany, the United States, England, or France. Over the course of six weeks, participants will take part in a variety of workshops, cultural immersion activities, and research assignments to ignite the curiosity.


Global Leaders' Action

With the success of its international exchange program, YES Center immediately recognized the need to help teenagers continue to establish and maintain a global network. We offer a range of resources and support for our students, including forums on the global environment, diverse international programs, UNESCO world heritage seminars and others.


Global Citizenship Workshop

Our Global Citizenship Workshops usually take place over a two-day period, during which our YES Center staff present a variety of workshops and activities to student groups at schools in order to get them thinking about what global citizenship, partnership, and acceptance truly mean in our current day and age.


Global Seminar

YES Center invites various individuals to gather together in order to present their personal discoveries and experiences with globalized education. Previous speakers have been NSLI-Y graduates, current Harvard students, teachers, CCIVS employees, UN employees, and others.


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